About Us

All great things started from something little. 

We are a young family with one cat and two little girls aged 4 and 5 live in Hertfordshire. After my PhD degree in Engineering, I worked as a Data Scientist. Being a mum of two bilingual children (English-Taiwanese), I know very well the challenges of maintaining the minority language. I have been trying to find something more fun and creative to encourage them to learn Mandarin. Having something they can access easily without or with very little help when doing the usual housework.

In 2019, when I visited Joie, the founder of Chameleon Reader, in the Netherlands, I was in love with the product immediately. I saw Joie's son really engaged with the reader at a young age and enjoyed every moment. Soon after, Joie moved to the US and was looking for a UK seller. I decided to join her journey to explore the world of the Chameleon Reader and keep this great product in the UK for many of us that speak many languages in the house. The idea that is supported by lots of research really cemented my understanding in the benefits of the Reader.

In summer 2021, I founded Little Surprises Ltd, which has become the official partner for selling Chameleon Reader in the UK. Apart from bringing the Chameleon Reader to customers in the UK, we will also look for some other little nice things in the future that will bring a smile on your face.  

Naomi x

About Chameleon Reader

Mr. Jung-Jie Jiang is a senior language therapist with decades of experience helping children aged 0-12 to overcome communication difficulties in Taiwan. In 2011, he came up with the idea of Chameleon Reader for parents, teachers and therapists to help children with special needs such as reading disabilities or speech delay. In 2012, the 1st generation of the product was then developed and launched in Taiwan. Later, in 2018, the 2nd generation was also launched.   

The founder, Joie Yen, of ENJOY STUDIO (in the Netherlands at the time and now based in the US), believed all children would benefit from it and decided to become a mum entrepreneur to bring the Chameleon Reader to the world in 2019. See her inspiring story here

How Chameleon Reader works

If you look through a magnifier, you will find many dots on the designate stickers. Chameleon Reader decodes the printed dot-pattern through an optical sensor to play the corresponding soundtrack or execute the predefined program.

It’s completely paper-based and does not require access to traditional software environments that kids cannot operate themselves. Parents and teachers “program” Chameleon Reader and paper materials using paper-based Controls Bookmark. Children then use the developed materials to learn any language naturally.