Build Children's Love for Reading

With the voices they are most familiar with

Add your voice to books and let the little ones explore the stories in their own way.

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How can it be used?

Raising Multilingual Children

With four vivid colours on the designed stickers, multiple languages can be recorded and played by the little ones choices.

Read Books at Your Own Pace

You can decide to click once and read the whole book with the choice of language or play the audio page by page.

More Than Just Reading

You can also add music or any sound files from computers and save on the reader.

What people think about the Chameleon reader

Great for connecting families
Product works wonderfully so that our family is overseas can read our little ones story.

Chameleon reader rocks!
Set up quick and easy, easy to record stories, my 3yr old can use it easily - he's been requesting to record himself reading :)

Love this!
Such a fantastic idea, not only for bilingual families but during Covid to have grandparents record books also!

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